Curtis Frye, Speaker

Curtis Frye

Engaging. Insightful. Informative.


Business Storytelling

Telling stories with data doesn’t have to be hard. Share your analysis using tools you already know!


Apply the techniques of improvisational theater to facilitate successful teamwork and personal resilience.

Which Game to Play?

Use strategies and tactics from chess, go, poker, and other games to generate and execute successful plans.


“I believe our membership will be inspired by your innovative ideas. I hope we get the privilege of seeing you present again at a future ASTD event.”

D.J. Netz, GP Strategies


“Curt is a great presenter with information that appeals to all levels of the group. His ability to motivate and inspire a group is highly recommended.”

Linda Ludwick, Past President, Health Care Administrators Association

About Curt

Curt brings years of technical and industry experience to the stage. More About Curt

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